RCD & Safety Switches Everything You Need To Know


A Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switches, offers assurance against serious or deadly electric shocks and avoids electrical flames by locating ground flaws. The proper installation of the gadget could counteract many damages every year because of fires and electrocution. The RCD safety switch always screens power streaming in a circuit. If the current streaming power contrasts by a little sum after giving back, the RCD safety switch rapidly shuts off power to the circuit. In spite of the fact that you may even feel an electric stun, it must not lead to any tragic injury. This is why it is imperative that installation of RCD safety switches must only be done by a licensed electrical home service company.


What is an RCD safety switch? 

An RCD is a residual current gadget that must be installed in the electrical box. It is normally alluded to as a security or safety switch and it is currently required by Australian law to have these installed to secure all lights and power plug outlets, (light and power circuits) to eliminate electrical stuns.

How does an RCD normally function? 

RCD safety switch can help in avoiding electric stun by always checking your power circuit.  When it identifies an electrical issue from the live or grounded conductors, your power automatically shuts off to avoid any serious injury. If these are not installed, the danger remains unchecked expanding the danger of a lethal electric stun.

 How swift does an RCD safety switch turn the power off?

Basically, RCD safety switch quickly act within 10 to 30 milliseconds (ms). Some more established RCD’s may be much slower, which is the reason it is dependably a great thought to test your RCD in every 1 or 2 months as maintenance check.

How much is the estimated cost of an RCD safety switches installation?

Most electrical services companies basically charge the rate of installation starting from $ 100 each per RCD safety switch per installation. Costs do rely on upon the kind of electrical box introduced at the premises as the RCD must fit accurately and be compatible. There are cheaper brands of RCD’s out there in the market, but reliable electrical technicians decline to use them as they are sub standards and not at par with their quality of service.

Who are authorized to install an RCD safety switches?

Only an authorized electrical expert can install an RCD to your home and they should additionally give you an electrical security certificate after the installation. Andrew’s Home Services offers specialized work in RCD safety switches installation and their record of excellence in this field is equally impressive.  Their team of skilled electricians has the abilities, gear, and knowledge to do the employment all the more proficiently and in a financially savvy way surpassing standard electrical regulations.


To avoid any accidents regarding electric shock because of the lack of an RCD safety switch installed, consult with Andrew’s Home Services on what is the best solution and how many RCD’s can be safely installed in your home. They are not only licensed and knowledgeable about RCD’s they can guarantee the safety and security of having a proper RCD safety switches successfully introduced into your electrical system.