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Antennas – Cabling – Home Theater

We have developed a reputation in Wembley over time for providing high-quality low-cost installs and repairs for all domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day seven days a week, we can provide test and tag and basic quick jobs from as low as $99 or full commercial installations costing 10s of thousands in high rise buildings. As well as electrical jobs we can also help with all cabling work, tv antenna and tv hanging jobs as well as telephone line repair and LAN network setup

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TV Antenna Work
Digital TV Antenna Installation
Sales Of Install Bits & Pieces
Extra TV Cable Points
TV Signal Boosters
Extension Masts And Poles
Black Spot & Rural Installs
MATV & Commercial

TV Installations & Theatre
TV Wall Hanging & Mounting
Projectors Ceiling Mounting
New TV Set-Up & Tuning
Installs Of Wall Speakers
Programming Amplifiers
3DTV & HD TV Set-ups
TiVo – Blue Ray – Setups

Our Cablings Skills
Extra Phone Points
Computer DATA Points
Internet Points ADSL
AV And Computer Connections
Speaker Cabling
Communications Cabling


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Commercial Electrician


Commercial Electrician Melville Area WA

We are highly experienced in commercial electrical sector project requirements, offering a complete package of skills, designing and installing everything from small office refits, to new installations and industrial warehouse overhauls.

Whether for lighting, mains distribution, small power, fire alarms or data requirements, our start-to-finish service means you can always rely on us to get the job done right, minimising costly down-time for your business.

We are also environmentally concerned, and will always be happy to advise and facilitate energy-saving products and strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save your business money.

Mains and sub-mains distribution
Emergency lighting
Energy efficient lighting
Fire alarm design, installation and maintenance
Door entry and security systems
Data cabling
Computer trunking services
Ring mains


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Residential Services


Melville WA –  Perth Electrical

If you are seeking local Melville area domestic electricians for any electrical work needed on your properties, we have the experience and the skills to undertake it. Indeed we have been in business as domestic electricians in for over 35 years so you can be assured that during that time there is no problem that we have not seen, and no project that we have ever failed to complete successfully.

From full house re-wirings and security installations to installing electrical sockets and light switches, you can rely on our professional and efficient team to complete your tasks on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.
We know that having tradesmen into your home can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, especially for the vulnerable and elderly, but be assured that our friendly staff will always be respectful and courteous when working in your home and around your family.
We are your local electricians for both domestic and commercial and our services include

  • Bathroom Heating And Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Check Wiring And Check Lights
  • Connect New Electric Oven
  • Disconnect Stove And Disconnect Oven
  • Down Lights And Dimmers
  • Electrical Installations
  • Exhaust Fan Installs
  • Exit Lights And Emergency Lights Testing
  • Exterior Lights & Security
  • Fixing Power Outages Emergencies
  • Flood Lighting
  • Fuse Box Repairs & Upgrades
  • Garden Lights & Tree Lights
  • Hard Wired Smoke Alarms
  • All LED Lighting Installations
  • Low Voltage Lights And Halogens
  • Phone Points & Adsl
  • Power Points & Rcds
  • Pool Pump Power And Spa Pump Power
  • Fire Alarms
  • Repair Minor Faults
  • Repair Fuses & Boards
  • Sensor Lights
  • Security Systems
  • Shed & Outside Power
  • Test & Tag
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Surge Protection
  • Swimming Pool Power
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Electrical Outlets GPO
  • All Electric Repairs
  • Electrical Switches Install & Repair
  • Electrical Wiring Repairs
  • Hot Water Systems Connections
  • House Rewiring And House Wiring
  • Interior Lights & Mood Lights
  • Lamp & Fitting Replacement
  • Repair Light & Dimmers
  • Replace Transformer
  • Safety Switches (REBATES)
  • Security Lights & Motion
  • Switchboard Repairs
  • Switchboard Installations
  • Tennis Court Lights

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Removing Electromagnetic Noise from Audio Systems with Isolated-ground Receptacles


In the modern home you will likely find an isolated-ground receptacle as they are proven to protect many power sensitive devices. You will usually see an isolated-ground receptacle being used to prove power to electronic devices such as computers in order to protect their circuit feeds. If you are using high end audio systems you will find that electromagnetic noise because a huge problem with a regular ground wired system. This problem is transmitted through the audio systems speakers resulting in low quality sounds. This problem has been known to also effect the picture quality on television screens.
melville electrician
The process of wiring an isolated-ground receptacle isn’t a very challenging one. All you will really need is a three wire NM cable that also contains a ground wire. Black wire connect to the brass-colored terminal, white wire connects to the silver terminal, ground wire connect to the screw inside the box for groundings, and the red wire connects to the ground screw of the isolated-ground receptacle itself. This particular ground screw is quite different than what you will find on other receptacles. This screw is not physically connected to a grounding plate, it is only connected to the rounded ground holes of the receptacle slots.

If you have finished this process thus far you should also remember to put some green phasing tape on each end of the red wire in order to show that it is indeed a ground wire for future fixes. Color coding your wiring jobs is an extremely important one. It allows anyone in the future who works on your circuitry to immediately understand what you have done with the circuit and allow them to properly fix it. In this particular instance it will show that even though it is a red wire it is in fact being used as a ground, instantly signalling that something special is added onto the current circuit.

An isolated-ground receptacle is a vivid orange-color and sport special markings on the face. If you look closely at it you will see that there is a green triangle pasted on the face. This green triangle is a symbol that indicates an isolated ground inside of this particular receptacle.

Inside this electrical panel you will find that the usual bare copper ground wire and the now green-taped red wire are both connected to the installed ground buss. In some cases you will find that there will only be what is called a neutral buss, however this particular buss is bonded to the inside of the case of the electrical panel. This will allow the neutral and ground connecting to be at the same exact potential. In the end it makes the entire connection a neutral/ground connection. Although it is advised that if you are able to do so you should just simply connect a ground wire directly to the grounding buss and connected to a grounding rod. This particular ground connection between the isolated-ground receptacle’s ground connection and the included neutral buss provides a dedicated path for electricity to flow without creating an electromagnetic interference.

Everything You Need To Know About RCD Safety Switches


A Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switches, offers assurance against serious or deadly electric shocks and avoids electrical flames by locating ground flaws. The proper installation of the gadget could counteract many damages every year because of fires and electrocution. The RCD safety switch always screens power streaming in a circuit. If the current streaming power contrasts by a little sum after giving back, the RCD safety switch rapidly shuts off power to the circuit. In spite of the fact that you may even feel an electric stun, it must not lead to any tragic injury. This is why it is imperative that installation of RCD safety switches must only be done by a licensed electrical home service company.


What is an RCD safety switch? 

An RCD is a residual current gadget that must be installed in the electrical box. It is normally alluded to as a security or safety switch and it is currently required by Australian law to have these installed to secure all lights and power plug outlets, (light and power circuits) to eliminate electrical stuns.

How does an RCD normally function? 

RCD safety switch can help in avoiding electric stun by always checking your power circuit.  When it identifies an electrical issue from the live or grounded conductors, your power automatically shuts off to avoid any serious injury. If these are not installed, the danger remains unchecked expanding the danger of a lethal electric stun.

 How swift does an RCD safety switch turn the power off?

Basically, RCD safety switch quickly act within 10 to 30 milliseconds (ms). Some more established RCD’s may be much slower, which is the reason it is dependably a great thought to test your RCD in every 1 or 2 months as maintenance check.

How much is the estimated cost of an RCD safety switches installation?

Most electrical services companies basically charge the rate of installation starting from $ 100 each per RCD safety switch per installation. Costs do rely on upon the kind of electrical box introduced at the premises as the RCD must fit accurately and be compatible. There are cheaper brands of RCD’s out there in the market, but reliable electrical technicians decline to use them as they are sub standards and not at par with their quality of service.

Who are authorized to install an RCD safety switches?

Only an authorized electrical expert can install an RCD to your home and they should additionally give you an electrical security certificate after the installation. Andrew’s Home Services offers specialized work in RCD safety switches installation and their record of excellence in this field is equally impressive.  Their team of skilled electricians has the abilities, gear, and knowledge to do the employment all the more proficiently and in a financially savvy way surpassing standard electrical regulations.


To avoid any accidents regarding electric shock because of the lack of an RCD safety switch installed, consult with Andrew’s Home Services on what is the best solution and how many RCD’s can be safely installed in your home. They are not only licensed and knowledgeable about RCD’s they can guarantee the safety and security of having a proper RCD safety switches successfully introduced into your electrical system.

Fast Electrical Jobs with 24/7 Electricians at Work


Without experts in fast electrical jobs, you probably unable to read this guide on your laptop and computer in apartment cooled by single or centralized air-conditioning system. Electricians are individuals who repair, install, connect, maintain, and test appliances, electrical systems for home or large corporations. They make sure that the connections and wiring’s are functioning according their purposes. Aside from appliances, they also responsible in adding light in our house, controlling climate, ensuring security, and ensuring wireless communications. Most of these electricians are specialized both construction and maintenance works, even though one is working in construction site.


Fast Electrical Jobs Since Engineering Has Been Started

For electricians with a decade experienced in fast electrical jobs, they are serving the clients with the following:

  1. Construction work ( consists of installing electrical wiring systems in factories houses, and small to medium businesses)
  2. Rewiring or upgrading present electrical systems are under fast electrical jobs. For electricians with expertise in this work, they are responsible in maintaining and upgrading existing electrical systems and making them functional and safe to use.
  3. Other vital services: For instance, an electrician who works in an organization or company will also perform a bunch of electrical works for homeowners including rewiring old outlets, replacing non-functioning or broken fuse box, installing new system lighting and other electrical tools. For electricians under shops or big companies, they are responsible in repairing motors, generators, transformers, and other electronic controllers on industrial robots and machines.  These are some of the fast electrical jobs that you can opt.

However, what should be your expectations when you select fast electrical jobs from emergency electricians in your area. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Fast, accurate and safe electrical outlet installation. Honestly, with these electricians, you do not need to worry about everything. They always make sure that you get high quality services in return to your investment and yes, they are all safe in your household. They ensure that there is no possibility of short circuits and even possible fire after quick repair.
  2. Cost-effective fast electrical jobs. Aside from the fact that you can get high quality services, you should also expect for non-costly price tag. Honestly, you can get discounts if you hire electricians near your place and ignore the one located 5 kilometers away from your household.
  3. Quick response and reliable customer support. If you have other concerns after the service then you may phone the electricians and ask for follow up. They will immediately send two staffs to check your wiring’s.

Aside from persons who save and maintain our life, electricians are also important when it comes to safe installation and repair of our household electrical problems. They offer services that cannot solve by manuals and steps from videos. They provide them along with skills and degree. Without safe installation, you might be at risk of possible fire and short circuits that will soon to damage all your appliances. Why not hire electricians and feel relieved from your doubts? Fast electrical jobs are best done by experts!

Electrical Companies in Your Area


Electricity is something we take for granted most days. It’s always been there and we assume will be there for all time. Most of our day to day activities are being run by electricity and it has become an essential part in our day to day lives. So any power interruption we go berserk and cry running to our electrical companies. Only then do we realize how essential electrical companies are to our lives.


What They Do

Electrical companies provide us electricity for our everyday needs. They hook us up to the source of electricity and ensure that this is done safely. Usually there is only one electrical service provider in the area as this is a commodity. Electrical companies are different from electrical contractors this way. While electrical contractors offer various services that include light installations, appliance installations and even electrical wiring in your home, electrical companies are the ones providing the needed electricity to make your appliances and lights run.

What Services We Expect

Electrical companies are concerned with hooking your place up with one of the basic commodities in this planet – electricity. They provide for the electrical wirings that tap from the main source of power into your own home. They also ensure that steady flow of electricity will be provided for your home. Electrical companies will then charge you on a monthly basis for your electricity consumption. They will provide an electric meter to monitor your usage properly and accurately. Your electrical companies will also look for ways to provide you with better services and look for more efficient power sources to ensure that your electrical needs will be fully met.

What Should You Do

After deciding to get electricians or contactors from electrical companies, the next thing that you need to know is all about you and your preferences. In getting electrical services, we always consider the companies and forget that our involvement is also essential to successful results. What are the things to consider? First is the location. Where is the area of the electrical company? Is it near or far to you? Do you need to pay for the transportation costs? Do you want to pay higher costs? Second is the budget. How much is the service and professional fees? Can you handle it? Do you want to get services in accordance to your budget? The third is your time. Do you have hectic schedule? Do you want to hire installer/ contractors to repair and check your wirings? These are the things asking for decisions by you. They are just your guide to fruitful results and probably an effective client to contractor relationship.

Electrical Companies in the Future

Electrical companies are finding more efficient and Eco-friendly electrical sources. This is not just to stay competitive but to ensure that the electrical needs of your area will be well provided for. Electrical companies are constantly looking for ways to find various sources of energy. Without them, the future will be a bleak and dark horizon.


Qualities of an Excellent Electrician


Qualities of an Excellent Electrician

An excellent electrician possesses great qualities that set him apart from the others. Those qualities allow him to perform his tasks and carry out his activities with the assurance that later on, the electric issues will be fixed or solved. His qualities are also important when it comes to coping with different kinds of situations that he is likely to encounter especially when he gets assigned to numerous places. At the same level, these qualities help him have a good working relationship with clients and other people he needs to coordinate with. In short, these qualities are his strengths. The following are the qualities that an electrician should ideally have:

Experienced and Knowledgeable

An electrician should have expertise and mastery of the job that he is handling. This means that he should be familiar with the proper flow of electrical currents and the method of circulation inside the house. To avoid critical situations or accidents, he should also be aware when he should or should not connect a wire. His knowledge should also be extensive, he should know about things like electricity maximization, problem analysis, voltage capacity, and keeping a track of the expenses. Their good judgment is also important especially when they are making decisions that are related to the tasks that they are supposed to perform.

Physically Fit and Healthy

The tasks of electricians call for a good level of physical fitness. Since they are supposed to hand wirings and other things that are electric, they should have reliable hand-eye coordination and good eyesight. Also, there are times when they may be required to work on high locations. For this reason, they should have a good sense of balance.


It is not enough for electrician experts to have a wide range of knowledge and experience. It is also significant for him to perform his duties well. He should be able to use his abilities in a manner that will allow him to solve and fix the problems of the clients.

Good Communicator

Electrician experts should also be able to communicate well with other people. This will allow him to better understand the nature of the electrical problems. With this, he will be able to render a kind of service that meets the requirements of the clients. This will also help him address the problems in a quicker manner.

All of our company’s electrician experts possess these qualities. We provide electrician services that you can depend on. By choosing electrical experts from our company, you are sure that you are receiving the quality service that you deserve.